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Root Canal Treatment

January 31, 2024 40 people Latest news

Root Canal Treattment will remain as an important tool in restorative and/or prosthetic treatment. Understanding the biomechanics and principles of creating durable long-term adhesive interfaces to root canal dentine and root canal posts will enhance prognosis of the root canal treated tooth with a crown restoration. Knowledge of wider and less deep root canal post systems, i.e., individually formed posts, has already now changed the treatment concept of FRC posts. On the other hand, the encouraging clinical outcome of root canal treated teeth with so-called endocrowns, i.e., crown and large onlays without postcore system but with a box-preparation and corresponding extrusion of the crown or onlay, reflects a decrease in the need for posts, especially in molars.

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  • Root Canal Treatment in East of kailash


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