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Best Pediatric Dentistry

December 26, 2023 50 people Latest news

Pediatric dentistry is one of the seven recognized clinical specialties of dentistry. It includes all areas of adult dentistry that may be applied to children. However, it also includes many procedures that are specific to the peculiar needs of primary (baby) teeth and challenges of the developing child. The most significant difference between pediatric and adult dentistry is the need for dentists treating children to understand and practice sound psychological principles to allow children to have positive, relatively pain-free experiences in this important health area. Bad memories of traumatic dental therapy during childhood can influence children negatively and make them reject adequate dental care for life. Find an excellent pediatric or general dentist for your child.

  • Best Pediatric Dentistry in Nehru Place
  • Best Pediatric Dentistry in Alaknanda
  • Best Pediatric Dentistry in East of kailash
  • Best Pediatric Dentistry in Greater kailash


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