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Best Dental Implant Clinic

July 30, 2022 136 people Latest news

A dental implant involves replacing an extracted tooth with a metal stud or post screwed right into the bone to serve as an anchor to the crown or false denture that would otherwise not have anything to keep it situated right into the tooth socket of your missing tooth. That’s the main appeal of a dental implant procedure. The artificial teeth, denture, or crown, is plugged right atop the stud. Meanwhile, the post itself is what makes your new teeth look and function like real teeth. It’s the best alternative you have against bridgework that doesn’t fit too well or dentures that have a tendency to fall off (because they’ve not permanently affixed to your gums and mouth anyway). Implants are much more convincing as real teeth than detachable dentures or even crowns placed atop dental bridges that require the dentist to destroy two adjoining healthy teeth in order to place a false tooth or teeth between them and the gap of missing teeth, hanging over them like a bridge of sorts.


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