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Children are said to be God’s own Angel. They hardly have words to convey their sensitivities or may not be able to express exactly where the sensation or pain is felt to them. Moreover, fear doctor and clinic setup further make it difficult for kids to receive medical care even if in severe pain or swelling.

Our Paediatric Dentistry unit in South Delhi takes passionate consideration of maintaining and mending oral issues in such children. Children are prone to cavities because of improper food intake, the higher consummation of confectionaries, imbalanced level of zinc and calcium in the body and above all, an anomaly in brushing teeth in a proper manner.  Being a Paediatrician dealing with oral health or Dentistry one should conceive following essentialities to make the atmosphere of your clinic Child-friendly.

  1. Pro-child trained staff and Equipment:

Paediatric Dentistry essentially requires child-friendly equipment for oral treatment. If child finds resistance in approach of the staff or pediatric dentist, he will find it difficult in procuring treatment from the doctor. Comfortand harmlessness and supreme trust of the child are vital for the delivery of oral treatment of the child. If the child finds friendly atmosphere and trust worthy doctor, he will have tendency to obey the instructions and sit for the treatment fearlessly. Our assistants take time to play with children when parents engage them in consultation or counselling.

  1. Ample of patience, humbleness and hospitality:

Dealing with children isn’t easy. Children are psychologically incapable of understanding complexities of their own health/oral problems. They are aware of the discomfort that they are going through but usually cannot trace or be vocal over the reason behind it. Children are prone to get cavities which requires at times substantial treatment. In such situation a paediatric dentistry should necessarily demonstrate highest level of patience, humbleness and hospitality in considering and speaking to the child patient.


  1. Checking with child medical history and food habits:

Third and most important quality of paediatric dentistry is one should know medical history and food habits. At times normal nutrition lapse in the food intake disturbs life cycle and body balance of the child. It is therefore very essential to go to the root of the problem instead of merely treating what is apparently revealed by the patient or parents. Pediatric dentistry plays a very important role in assessing growth and development of the child. It is imperative to state that nutritional optimisation is most important during the growing years of the individual that is during childhood. Many children don’t grow to full potential due to faulty and painful oral conditions.

  1. Know what to avoid:

Based on medical history of the child, the next very important step is to know what treatment or medicine should be avoided. Say for example the child is suffering from tooth ailment along with fever and loose motions, it is essential to avoid recommendation of Nimesulide for treatment of aching tooth. Current knowledge of treatment protocols for children change faster than in adults. It is mandatory to be up to date to science and pharmacology in regards to children.

  1. Parental Counselling:

Pedodontistare experts in knowing about stages of teeth and growth of the head and neck of a child. A child’s face goes through various stages of transitional mal alignment of teeth. Anticipatory guidance of parents and counselling with training of parents makes a very essential part of Pediatric dentistry. Our parents report a marked improvement in the oral health care of the family. Kids have also got motivated for life and develop lifelong habits of brushing before sleeping. Child, Parents and Dentist interact freely amongst each other to ultimately promote good oral health care in kids.

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