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Welcome to Dental Masters

State of the art Dental Clinic in New Delhi

Dental Masters is a multispecialty dental care center established in the year 2016 by Dr. Kapil Gandhi to drive value in all aspects of clinical dentistry. He established Gandhis Dental Care in 1998, which is a practice of repute in Vasant Vihar area of New Delhi.  The team of doctors at Dental Masters is highly qualified, experienced and provides unparalleled expert specialty based focused dental services. The clinics provide soothing ambience to deliver calm dental care in a relaxed, safe and a comfortable environment. Equipped with latest technology and eco-friendly concepts, our clients expect the best from us and we are happy to deliver that.

Meet our Dentist

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Dr.Kapil Gandhi, MDS

Professor Dr Kapil Gandhi MDS,is a Pedodontist with net worth clinical experience of close to 22 years and close to 15 years as a child dental specialist.
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Dr.Jitesh Sehgal , MDS

Professor Dr..Jitesh Sehgal, is an Oral Surgeon with net worth clinical experience of close to 20years as an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon .
Oral Surgeon
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Dr. Kamal Gandhi, BDS,PGDHHM

Dr Kamal is the senior dentist with close to 21 years of work experience and delivers world class advanced treatments under her gentle care.

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Dr. Gurkeerat Singh, MDS

Dr Gurkeerat is renowned and accomplished clinical Orthodontist who is an internationally acclaimed coachand a distinguished faculty.


Why Choose Us?

Great Infrastructure

Walk into a pleasant environment that calms nerves

In Depth Planning

Our expert team works behind screen for you while you rest 

Eminent Doctors

Meet all experts and specialist here

Quality Dentistry

Zero compromise dentistry under one roof

Cutting edge technology

Expect the best and the state-of-the-art from us

Affordable Services

Dentistry need not burn a hole in your pocket


Oral Surgery

Tips from our Experts


How to maintain a good oral hygiene?

In dentistry, maintenance has a major role to play than any form of corrective treatment. Those who undergo dental treatment understand the importance of maintaining and preserving the good dentition or long lasting problem free dental health. Certain simple tips can help you achieve your objective.

  • Don’t be harsh on your teeth and gums while brushing. Use soft brush with gentle force.
  • Brush after 1 hr. of waiting after every meal. That means brush 3 times gently.
  • If you have brushed in night before sleeping, there is no need to brush on waking up. Instead brush after breakfast.
  • Good forceful swishing of mouth after every food intake will naturally clean your mouth and recover acidity in mouth. Develop mouth muscles to rinse well and look well.
  • Avoid soft and sticky food and limit the intake of aerated drinks.
  • Introduce dental floss or interdental brush along with regular brushing in oral care.

Start today and see the difference. The way you clean or maintain your mouth is a personal skill. You can start slow initially but learn to eventually clean your mouth 100% in 3 minutes for truly lasting freshness.


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